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There was not a defining style for the early 2000s but rather a few signature looks and “must haves”. Experimental to say the least. With the unknown millennia ahead, the constant idea of the future allowed for unconventional outfit combinations.

Thankfully, some we haven’t seen them since.

If you want a time capsule of all things experimental in the decade look no further than Paris Hilton. She both encapsulated the trends and her own futuristic vision for what lead ahead.


There were throw backs to old generations with peasant tops but also room for heavy makeup, neon hair – forget the chunky highlights- and jelly everything.


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Again, the experimental nature of this decade allowed for some new designs, many of which have been left behind. There were slicker finishes, sleeker shapes and markets for both practical good looking cars to luxury brands only few could afford.

The emphasis on technology was at the forefront of the industry. Speakers were louder and accessories to match had personality.


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“We’ve loosened up. It’s OK to have the computer and TV in the heart of the home. There’s been a shift toward a more practical, casual lifestyle over the past decade. As designer Mark Hampton says, “Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.”

The industrial look was brewing in home decor. From accents, fixtures, art pieces, furniture, lighting. It wasn’t modern if it didn’t have a metallic finish.




Dropping ‘Oops!…I Did it Again’ in 2001 secured Spears as a Pop Princess icon. Year after year, album after album Britney has made one iconic moment after another. Her fame came during a time of more invasive paparazzi, so not only was her career public so was her personal life as well. Needless to say, she is still an icon in modern music.



From No Doubt to her solo career, Stefani has been known for her all to individual style and individual voice. Her celebrity status was cemented with the release of ‘Just a Girl’ and continues today. No one can deny she has a style that is all her own.



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Though colors and patterns clashed, for the most part I’ve realized the diluted colors almost on the verge of pastel were popular. Light was mixed with dark. No one color scheme can cover this decade.




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