Selfridges X Hermes



“Selfridges’ windows bring to life popular sayings centered on the word “work.” For instance, “Many hands make light work” is portrayed with gigantic disembodied hand sculptures rising out of the floor, holding up lit lightbulbs in a window created by Hermès.”


Besides the obvious wit in the title, this display is simply visually interesting. In a passerby perspective, one cannot walk by a set of gigantic dismembered hands uninterested. The surreal nature of it alone draws in the consumer.

The different positions of the hands create a fluidity and natural aspect to the display, if they were all at the same position they cyclic style can quickly go unnoticed. The disjointed placement of the wire lights also creates an organized chaos atmosphere.

The line of simplicity and chaos are walked really well here.

If the window is broken down to materials -large hand models, wire lights, transparent sticker, and texture on floor- it is very straightforward but the placement make it interesting.

The lesson I gain from this window is that you have more room to experiment with less number of materials without it looking unkempt.


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