“I didn’t like the ’80s at all; it was a vulgar moment of fashion.”



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The styles in the 80s were more like a spectrum then a standard.

We had new wave romantics, punks, goths, aerobic styles, NY hip-hop lovers, then the classic “I got dressed in the dark on purpose” individuals who remind us of the 80s today.

“Like Coke vs. Pepsi, Reebok vs. Nike was the athletic wear battle of the decade.”


MTV had a huge impact on fashion, as teens across the U.S. were tuning in to watch music videos starring wildly dressed celebrities. Let’s just name a few: Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, Billy Idol and MADONNA.


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The time was experimental, with all respects to the word. There was room to try new ideas, and see if any of them stuck. Smooth exteriors, bolder colors, and louder stereos. Let’s not forget the suicide door period or even the “lets go as fast as we possibly can” period. The last one has officially stuck.


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Memphis Milano Works

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The abstract nature of popularized Memphis Milano patterns allowed for expressionist ideas in the realm of interiors. This look was definitely modern at the time, and was often practiced by the youth moving out for the first time. Clashing in shapes, textures and colors were cool. Think bold and GEOMETRIC.


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With tech on the rise, the bold graphics within it served as inspiration at the time to experiment with everyday looks. The seventies were natural, and earthy so to detest from that outlook, the newer generation turned explosive and loud. The unnatural became natural.



It’s typical to think Madonna when someone, anywhere says 80s. She set the tone, the mood and the trends across the whole decade. With hits spreading across the world at the time, her image became one to envy and eventually recreate. Though her stardom began here, she continues to spread her message (and looks) to all of those who will listen.


Prince’s drive came early: He taught himself over 24 instruments before he finished high school, and took classes on the business  to prepare himself for fame. Purple Rain manifested his status to a few known records to a household and industry name. An icon from art, style, and personality. If Prince was in a room, you knew it. In interviews, surprisingly he was reserved but not silent. A legend.


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