karolina sobecka X james george

“Sniff is an interactive projection in a storefront window. As the viewer walks by the projection a dog follows him, dynamically responds to his gestures and changes his behavior based on the state of engagement with the viewer.”


Image result for sniff by by Karolina Sobecka & Jim George

Using a video tracking system and a real time graphic generator this window allows for instant interaction with the audience.

Interactive windows are sometimes the most effective because as selfish as this sounds, more people show interest when something involved themselves.

Visually, this window is simple. A black canvas with a dog. The only thing that sets this apart is that this dog reacts.

Sobecka has noted that the graphic system creates a relationship with each viewer, and based on their actions each reaction is different.

The reactions can be aggressive, excited, annoyed and curious.

Simply stated, it’s just a cool execution to a cool idea.


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