Image result for haus of gaga window display

GAGA, enough said.

This collaboration couldn’t be more fitting, both she and the brand Polaroid emphasizes visual storytelling. The idea of capturing a moment is relevant in both them and the display.

The window is definitely busy, don’t get me wrong but it works. I don’t think simple when it comes to this icon and neither should you.

Is it possible to have every aspect of a window be a focus?

Drenched with rich imagery of moments in her career in the form of instant photography allows people to put two and two together.

Gaga makes moments, and you can capture your own on film in an instant.


“The Haus of Gaga is modeled after Warhol’s Factory and emulates the creative atmosphere it is known for. Inspired by Warhol’s concepts, his ideas are often referenced in Gaga’s work and the innovative technologies conceived by the Haus.”

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