“My identity: Kidult aka KID, I was born in Paris and I live in NYC.

West 129th Street, New York 10027.

I am the enfant terrible (terrible kid) who attacks in a legitimate, simple way, without limits, with a spraypaint extinguisher.”



UK born and NY based, graffiti artists KIDULT made his mark with his self described “hello’s” on the storefronts of brands including: Chanel, Supreme, Christian Louboutin, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, YSL and Celine.


“I adapt the visuals according to the message I want to convey.

In this case, extinguisher is the perfect tool. They aren’t used to seeing this kind of visually violent actions.

Myself, I call it visual dictatorship.

Only the extinguisher makes them think about the savage, illegal and subversive side of graffiti.

I have yet to find tools that are rougher… The adrenaline that graffiti brings out is enough to motivate me.”


I chose these windows as my new favorites mainly because they were not intentional- by the brands at least. But I can guarantee that these displays caused more publicity than what originally behind that glass. It opens up a discussion worth having.

Do these brands really embrace the “street style” and “urban-ism” they so proudly sell?


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