At this time factory made clothes were on the rise, capitalizing Ready-to-Wear like never before. It was a time that a women wanted to shop smart and look smart. Trends included ruffled sleeves, accentuated waists, and detailed collars.

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“The ideal thirties woman was tall and slender with a very small waist and narrow hips, but since most women were not blessed with slim hips and narrow waists, shoulders were exaggerated with puff sleeves, shoulder pads, full collars, and “caplet,” “butterfly’  or ruffled cap sleeves, to make waists and hips appear smaller in comparison.”

It was also during this time women’s pants were seen as acceptable but not ideal in public. Store often offered free stitched and engraving to products so that was a tell-tale sign if something was from this era.

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For men; high waisted trousers, overcoats with deep V shaped plunges, silk socks and Oxfords were common.

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    “During the 1930’s most cars were also equipped with heaters and radios. At this time cars also began to take on a smoother shape, more aerodynamic in design, hence offering less wind resistance.”

Despite the Depression the thirties were a time of great improvement in the world of automobiles.


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It was at this time Art Deco decor and elements have become truly accessible to the middle class.

“The color schemes in the Thirties home were very light. Cream and ivory were commonly used, as well as light pastel pinks, yellows, and greens. In contrast, curtains and furniture upholstery were featured dark greens and reds.”


Marlene Dietrich:

Famous for playing femme fatales, Dietrich challenged feminine expectations. She often wore pants and masculine trends on- and off-screen. She represented the strong and smart women of the time.

Fred Astaire:

He is best remembered for his rhythm, his perfectionism, and his on-screen romantic interest Ginger Rogers. His career spanned for and impressive 77 years. He starred in 31 films, made numerous television appearances and recorded a number of his own songs.


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