It was a time of excess and accessories.


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Along with the values of the era, Victorian corsets were tightly wound and extreme.They illustration the epitome of youth, class and solidified the representation of social status.

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The increase of women in the workforce after industrialization reflected in the layers of fabric in extravagant textures and brighter colors. Women were no longer meek, they had style.

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The upper-class continued to wear top hats, and bowler hats were worn by the working class. Ties were loosely fastened and coats became shorter. The rules had slightly loosened too.


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Horse and buggies cluttered numerous streets,while steam trains were ridden by those from the country.

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Known as “hobby horses” bicycles were typically rode by the young and labelled as absurd by the prude. Things were changing.


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Roofs were steep and irregular. Texture, texture, texture. Accessories were placed strategically and in volumes to avoid plain and smooth walls. Think asymmetrical.

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It’s important to not just recognize the top ten percent. A realistic portrayal includes more than one family (on average 6 people of more)  sharing a one room apartment. They were without plumbing, and without much societal opportunity to change.


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Sarah Siddon was the best known actress to act for the part of Lady Macbeth in live theater in the 18th century.

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Tennyson was a writer who devoted his work to the love of nature and romance. Poems were often published surrounding these themes inspired by the classical era of literature.




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